Electable positions available for Stoke North Labour Party

ukypePlease see below the list of electable positions which will be voted on for the Stoke-on-Trent North Constituency Labour Party meeting to be held in Tunstall on Friday 14 June.

All people running for the available positions will need to have been nominated and seconded before the vote can take place.

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June Labour Party Constituency Meeting

roseFollowing a few months break, the Stoke-on-Trent North Labour Party is delighted to announce that there will be a constituency meeting on Friday 14 June in Tunstall.

The start time is 7.15pm at Tunstall’s Floral Hall in Queens Avenue with members  able to nominate and vote in local constituency party elections which are due to be held on the night.

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Putting pressure on Amazon

Amazon have a very large warehouse in Rugeley and although all jobs in Staffordshire are welcome, trade unions including the GMB have raised concerns about working practices and wages. Channel 4 had a report about this last August which can be viewed here. A petition asking Amazon to pay its workers the living wage in 2014 can be seen, signed and shared here

Other concerns about Amazon concern their tax arrangements and information about a campaign to boycott the company unless they change their practices, with alternative booksellers, is here.

A further suggested alternative is Hive. They will deliver to local independent bookshops as a way to support them while still having the choice that an online store offers.

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Fighting the closure of Kidsgrove Day Centre

Members were out in force today to protest against the closure of Kidsgrove Day Centre. The Day Service Action Group met early and marched to Newcastle Town Centre with placards and banners.

Marchers meeting with banner:

Photo by Kyle Robinson, who said: “These cuts are being made at a time when families are being stretched to the limit. This is an attack on the most vulnerable and weakest in society so we must fight this.”

Joan Walley has posted her letter raising concerns about the proposal on her website here and we urge people to support the campaigners by signing and sharing the petition here.

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December CLP meeting

Stoke-on-Trent North Labour Party meeting to be held on *FRIDAY 13th December* at 7.15pm Tunstall Floral Hall, Tunstall Park, Queens Avenue. Discussion topics include Trade Union links, development plans, primaries, transparency and fairness.

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